Welcome to my Books

As I introduced my second book of verse I thanked those many people who had read FEATHERS IN THE WELL. I am grateful to you for your interest. You have encouraged the second collection, in A FEW MORE FEATHERS. I hope you will enjoy what you find.

If you choose to purchase these feathers of mine I’d be delighted to hear from you and by all means post a review.

And whether or not you enjoy poetry, I hope you will find my collection of several very short stories entertaining.

You will also find here two memoirs, as blog posts, which you may care to follow. Some of you I know will have shared these experiences and I hope that you’ll join me with your comments or even corrections.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Latest additions to the Memoirs

The day I thought I'd gone too far.

Everyone had a Client story back when. Sometimes it was the same story but now and then a tale emerged that beggared belief. I had a Client to whom I had presented a campaign that they really loved. They had said so. My joy knew no bounds.…

Where I came from

Where I came from there was no electricity. Before nightfall each evening you could hear the sound of Tilley lanterns being pumped up to full pressure. They ran on kerosene and their illumination came from fine cotton mantles in the form of…