A new book and a special offer

A bit of excitement recently when my proof copy of  A few more feathers arrived from Amazon. It is, of course, my second book of verse following Feathers in the well.  I must say that I am very happy with the way it looks and, yes, I think that some of the poems are not too bad. I hope you will agree.

As I keep saying, poetry can do with all the help it can get, so I equally hope that many will go from reading this blog to downloading the e-book. It is available online at Amazon or Smashwords or through this website. The print version, too, is available from Amazon. Again, there’s a link on this website.

While print copies of the new book will come direct to you from Amazon I still have copies of Feathers in the well. Order a copy of this now and I’ll send you one for a friend. Two for one – but no steak knives.

And, I have news for those who don’t care too much for poetry. My book of short stories is now in the hands of Michele Grey who has sent me the cover illustration and I love it! She also designed A few more feathers. She’s does all that well. I just write.

Enjoy short stories? Keep an eye out for Sad day in Jericho. More soon.



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