Cross gender Cowboys

You may have missed it but recently there was a contest to select a new Milky Bar Kid. That took me back a few years to a time when I wrote a couple of Milky Bar Kid commercials myself. Come to think of it, it must have been quite a few years because my eldest son was one of the Milky Bar Kid’s mates – and now he’s  married with a son.

There will be those who scream that I’m being sexist but I was shocked that, it seemed, most of the contestants were girls. How could the Milky Bar Kid be anything but a small boy? Fortunately, however, they chose a boy and I was saved from having to mount a protest.

Something good did come out of my concern. A new game. I’ve called it “Cross gender Cowboys”. It’s easy and anyone can play. See if you can add to these:

Joan Wayne, Roylene Rogers, Jean Autrey, Slinkalong Cassidy, Wild Jill Hicock, and so on.

The last word and the prize so far goes to my wife  Pamela for Ernie Oakley.

Let’s hear from you.


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  1. John Ellen
    John Ellen says:

    Okay I’ll play.
    Hopalong Cassie: James Braness: Chick Connors: Glenys Ford: Madam Lash La Rue: Joelene McCrea: Georgina Montgomery: Audrey Murphy: Randolph Slutt:


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