Did you say iconic?

I must stop reading the magazines in waiting rooms.

All those celebrities, all those scandals, all those names I have never heard of. So many from television programs you’d have to tie me down and prop up my eyelids to make me watch.

However, there is the occasional gem. Browsing a well known women’s magazine recently I came across an article that breathlessly reported a milestone in the career of an actress whose name escapes me still.  She was apparently in The Wolf of Wall Street. Saw it but don’t remember much beyond the language and a truly despicable character. Don’t remember her.

It seems, though, that her career is about to soar.  She is to play the “iconic woman’s role” of – wait for it – Jane.

Jane – as in Tarzan and Jane! Wow!

Iconic woman’s role? Up there with Lady Macbeth in the Scottish play or Blanche in A Streetcar named Desire?

Jane? Please!

I’d love that same enthusiasm for my latest book of verse which, you may know, is available now. You have only to go to Buy the Books on this website. I hope you’ll enjoy what you find although I think it might be a little over the top to call it “iconic”.



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