It has been too long

I can’t believe it has been so long since I was here. However, a recent event has made me appreciate just how lucky I am to be anywhere at all. Briefly; suffering a heart attack, being brought back from a pulse rate of just two, now sporting a state of the art pace maker and so grateful for that huge team of experts from the paramedics in the ambulance to those at Caboolture Hospital Emergency to the simply amazing Prince Charles, in ICU and then CCU. In the unlikely event you’ll read this in your busy lives, thank you one and all. It goes without saying that this was a terrible shock for my wife but, my Pamela, it did prove what a wonderfully close family we have. Again, thanks to all of you and I love you lots!

Now to get on with it. Michele Grey, known to only me as Rocky for reasons I may one day explain, is about to present “A few more feathers” to all of those who download on to your various devices. I hope you’ll consider doing just that. This, my second book of verse, follows “Feathers in the well” which still remains available as download or as a rather nice book. Look for either at www,petermaxwell.info.

Stay tuned. Have fun.





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