Name dropping

If you have arrived here by way of Facebook, welcome to these  names I promised you. They may or may not appear in  my shortly to be published memoir “The most fun you can have with your clothes on”. I can’t promise just when the book will be out, either in print or as a download or both. I have become a very lazy writer and it is, as I have said, difficult to bring a memoir to an end.

If you have a tale you’d like to tell and would like me to add it to these memories then simply return it as a comment here or email me at If I include it in the book I’ll list you as the author of the piece. That’s it. No share of  unlikely riches. J.K.Rowlings I am not.

Now to business. Are you in the book? What stories might I tell? How much might I remember?

Truth is, you may well be one who receives a mention. This is even more likely if you recognise any of the nicknames that follow.

Loopy and the Angry Ant. The Eyebrow. Jo and Jo and maybe Mo. The Silver Fox. Cuddles and Cutely. Beardie. The Bear. The Wood. Creeping Jesus. Shuffles. I’m sure you are right David (perhaps the longest ever nickname.) The lovely and gracious.  Boofhead. These and several more may be part of a memory you may share. I promised you names but you’ll have to read “The most fun you can have with your clothes on”  to see if  you are a part of the very interesting cast. It was all, as I’m sure you will remember, a lot of fun.

Leave that story here if you have one you’d like to add. Leave your email address and I’ll get back to you. Now I have to go finish that book.

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