Sometime in the sixties or seventies one of the growing number of talented women in the advertising business broke through what was yet to be called the glass ceiling and wrote the classic ad campaign for Clairol – “Does she or doesn’t she”. Her name, memorably, was Shirley Polykoff.

I seem to recall seeing an article on her in the magazine Printers’ Ink and emblazoned across the wall behind her impressive desk were the words: “Advertising is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.” I’d not heard the phrase before.

I have almost always found that line to be true. It was once also the secret to survival in the business whilst remaining reasonably sane.

There follow a few reminiscences. A memoir, if you will. These moments and the people involved are all as I recall them. If I’ve mixed a date or missed a name or simply remembered it all wrongly, then forgive me. This is an amusement and was never intended otherwise.

So, read on and I hope you’ll have fun. I did.

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